Trent Kaiser Studio was founded to create a training studio that incorporated a more holistic wellness component. “We want to create a family that we can talk to as we all change our lives together,” Trent says. “The training was always important to me but what was more important was the feeling I gave people when they felt I was there for them.”

Support can be a key component to success, and yet it is not always easy to find. Growing up in the small community of Granville, Ohio, Trent sometimes struggled to fit in. In an effort to fight his insecurities, he invested himself heavily in sports and outdoor activities. Soon after, he suffered an athletic injury that drove him to yoga practice as a way of rehabilitation.

Before opening his studio, Trent spent many years working with his mother, Susan Kaiser, a chef with a deep interest in healthy cooking. From that experience, Trent learned the importance of diet to overall health.

He was inspired to attend Healthy Kitchen Healthy Lives in Napa Valley, CA, sponsored by Harvard Medical School.

Trent received his first Personal Trainer certification in 2011, after graduating from World Instructor Training Schools. He soon sought out Steven Cabral, Sam Bakhtiar among others, some of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the industry to figure out how he would help people become healthy while bringing people back together.

Since then Trent Kaiser Studio has worked with all types of people, from couples to brides to executives, in achieving their fitness goals.

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