Success Stories

Here you can enjoy some of our client success stories:

“In the short time I have been training with Trent Kaiser Studio I have lost over 40 pounds. The benefits go beyond the weekly sessions. They has helped me set attainable and meaningful goals for both exercise and eating. Their encouragement helps me meet and exceed the cardio goals. The diet changes have been modest but have had a huge impact and I’m not having to deprive myself of foods I enjoy. TKS has taught me healthier habits that are leading to more sustainable health.”

 Marc C, 43

When I started I wanted to gain lean muscle mass and made a joke about getting a six pack. I didn’t really actually think it was possible. After just a year my eating habits, exercise, and day to day life are better. Oh and I have that six pack now! I couldn’t be happier with the results. The best part is it’s a lot of fun. I don’t dread the workouts because I’m provided with a lot encouragement. I can’t wait to see what one more year will do for me!

Adam N, 29

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“I have been training with Trent Kaiser Studio for nearly 2 years.  In that time I have not only seen physical growth, but also learned about working out to gain mass, been educated on proper nutrition through monitoring my food intake, and have worked to achieve my short term and long term goals. TKS makes training enjoyable and fun, but still pushes me to do everything right.  I have seen great personal progress in my goals and it’s all thanks to the TKS team!”

Brent F, 32

I felt so alone before I joined TK Studio. I was able to personal work with Trent who showed me great nutritional insight to change eating habits along with my workouts. He gave me step by step so I wasn’t overwhelmed and wanted to quite. I lost over 50 pounds only training twice a week which encouraged me to train three times. Without his help I would never be where I am now.

Ben M, 34

Thank you to everyone that believed in our program and allowed us to post their stories!

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